Who may benefit from mental peak performance training?

At Bergen Peak Performance, we believe that anyone with a brain can benefit from mental peak performance training, much like anyone can benefit from working out and physical exercise.  Mental peak performance training can help improve memory, attention, focus, concentration, response time, decision making, visual-spatial coordination, self-esteem, motivation, and overall cognitive function.  That said, mental peak performance training is particularly beneficial to athletes, performing and creative artists, students, public speakers, and professionals who work in high-stress situations which require precision and mental acuteness.  

Can children do mental peak performance training?

Absolutely!  Children not only benefit highly from mental performance training, but usually have a ton of fun and enjoy the process as well.  In our age of competition in sports, academics, and performing arts, we believe that our approach to mental performance training can help children learn valuable psychological skills and coping mechanisms to deal with stress and pressure, all while helping improve performance in a fun and engaging way.  At Bergen Peak Performance, we are strongly committed to the belief that children’s mental health and well being are the most important aspects of their training and success in their sports, music, and academics in our competitive culture.  

How do I know what kind of trainings are right for me?

Once you contact Bergen Peak Performance by phone or e-mail, a free phone consultation will be scheduled with one of our trainers to briefly discuss your interests and needs.  If you determine that our services are right for you, then an in-person assessment will be scheduled at our facility.  The assessment takes 45 minutes to an hour, and is an in-depth information gathering session for both you and our staff.  During this assessment, we will work together with you to determine which specific services and trainings would best suit your needs and goals.  Our staff will make recommendations regarding particular types of trainings, or combinations of services, and will create an Individualized Mental Performance Training plan designed specifically to help you reach your performance goals.  

Where are the trainings provided and can you come to me?

Services are provided in our state of the art facility conveniently located in Waldwick, New Jersey, in the heart of Bergen County; our services can also be provided at a your home, gym, school, field, court, park or even on your stage or office.  Please contact us to discuss “on-site” training at your home or facility.  

How much does training cost? And do you offer payment plans?

Fees vary for each different type of training.  Specific services can be purchased “a la carte-” that is, single sessions on an as needed or as wanted basis, or in larger quantity packages which offer discounted rates.  Standard pre-designed packages are offered, or personalized groupings of various services can be individually designed to meet any client’s unique needs for optimal training.  MASTER Peak Mental Training is highly individualized and the training protocols consist of multiple and varied trainings that are priced as Gold Medal packages. 

We accept cash, checks or credit card for payments, and we are happy to set up a monthly payment schedule to help meet your needs!  

How long will I have to train for?

The amount of time needed to complete one’s course of training is determined on an individual basis.  At Bergen Peak Performance, we want every client to succeed in their training and meet their goals. Some people train once each week for a few months, others train three times per week for a few weeks. Some clients train for 20 sessions, while others may train for 4.  The length of the course of training is determined by the client’s goals and needs.  Most of the training sessions at Bergen Peak Performance take about 30-45 minutes to complete.  Teams or groups can also opt to design a specific program that may last anywhere from a few hours to one day or to several months.  


Are your services covered by insurance?

Most of the services provided at Bergen Peak Performance are considered trainings rather than treatment (which requires the presence of a diagnosable medical or psychological condition).  We do not provide diagnoses or medical treatment, so therefore most of our trainings are not covered by insurance.  However, several insurance carriers provide coverage for neurofeedback and nutrition or dietary counseling if a medical or psychological condition is present.  Please check with your insurance carrier to see if any of your services will be reimbursable.  

Other types of services or treatments, such as therapy for  an anxiety disorder, are provided by our sister company, Bergen County Therapy (please visit for more information), and are often reimbursable.  

Are there any side effects or risks to mental peak performance training?

The services  provided by Bergen Peak Performance are highly safe and all are totally "non-invasive."  That said, there are inherent risks or potential side effects involved in any kind of training, physical or mental.  Every new client will fill out a medical history form, and if there are any known conditions or symptoms present, we may ask for medical clearance prior to starting your training.   We have a few services which can't be provided to individuals with histories of seizure activity or eye damage due to the training's utilization of flashing lights.  Always let us know if you have questions or concerns about any medical or psychological condition or symptom.  We always want our clients to be health, happy and safe, and we are hear to discuss any concerns you may have. 

Can any of your services help me or my child with ADD/ADHD or academic performance?

We offer both behavioral training and a full line of academic tutoring in areas such as language arts, math and writing skills.  We also have a highly trained reading literacy specialist on staff to help with reading challenges. 

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive and widely regarded intervention for ADD/ADHD.  There is considerable research on the effects of the application of neurofeedback with attention issues, some of which may be found on the "Links" page right here on our website.  More can be found by doing a simple internet search.  The American Academy of Pediatrics considers neurofeedback a highly effective intervention for ADD/ADHD.  Of course, many people with these conditions may still require therapeutic support or medication.   Neurofeedback often helps with symptoms of ADD/ADHD such as impulse control, self regulation, increased focus, attention and memory.  

Academic support, meditation training, yoga, nutritional counseling and behavioral support are also offered for clients with attention difficulties.  

Do you offer actual coaching in specific sports or activities?

Our training are applicable to virtually any sport, art, profession or activity.  While we don't offer coaching per se, we can work with you just about anywhere- your basketball court, stage, office, field, or gym- and apply our trainings to your specific activity.  We have standard protocols for most activities, and are fully capable or designing trainings specific to your goals.  Just let us know what you do, and we will figure out the rest!

Sounds great! How do I get started?

Great!   Just give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will be happy to set up your free phone consultation and, if you wish, schedule your assessment and first session!  What are you waiting for?  Go ahead and start living your peak now!