What is Peak Performance?

The general term peak performance is a kind of catch all phrase for any person who takes on a challenging or competitive task and develops both the physical and psychological skills to perform at their highest level.  While the term is most commonly used in the field of competitive athletics and sports psychology,  peak performance training can certainly apply to anyone who desires to be their best and perform at their optimal capacity in their area of choice, expertise, or profession.  A business executive, a professional athlete, a serious weekend golfer, a dancer, musician, writer or student are all examples of people who may strive for their peak performance.  Peak performance training refers to the process of learning, practicing and executing particular skills that improve one's ability to perform optimally.  This process may focus on the acquisition of enhanced or refined physical skills to improve performance (for example, specialized coaching for a basketball player to improve shooting skills, or speed and agility training for a marathon runner) or psychological and mental skills (for example, a composer wanting to enhance creativity or remove a creative block through relaxation, a surgeon wanting to enhance mental precision and focus, or a performer wanting to overcome their stage fright).  At Bergen Peak Performance, we leave the physical and skill based aspects of your training to you and your coaches or teachers, while we focus entirely on the mental, psychological and cognitive training aspects of your performance using state of the art technology.  

We are proud to offer our unique approach to mental peak performance training called MASTER  Peak Mental Training® (which stands for Motivation, Attention, Sensory, Timing, Engagement and Response training).  Our MASTER  Peak Mental Training® protocol utilizes cutting edge and state of the art mental training technology such as Neuroptimal Neurofeedback®, FITLIGHT®, and MUSE® meditation training combined with sound cognitive/behavioral training and, when indicated, other interventions such as nutrition counseling or sleep or stress management training.  This multi-dimensional  approach allows for optimal  systemic change to the body, mind and brain to maximize innate performance potential.  

Our staff consists of a variety of highly trained professionals including licensed social workers, coaches, a registered dietician, a behavioral trainer, educator's  and registered yoga teachers.  

Our History

Let's face it:  we live in a highly competitive world.   No matter what your profession, interest or expertise, the key to success is not only achieving your goals and being your best, but doing so in a manner that allows you to live a healthy, balanced and successful life.  

Bergen Peak Performance developed and grew naturally our of the long established and highly respected psychotherapy practice of Jill A. Pantaleo, LCSW.  After providing wellness and therapeutic counseling to individuals, families and groups and working as a mental health consultant and trainer for schools and businesses for over 25 years right here in Bergen County, New Jersey, Ms. Pantaleo realized that so much of what her client's were struggling with was not a mental health issue at all, but was, rather, a pervasive drive to succeed and reach their life goals coupled with a lack of confidence, belief in themselves, and difficulty in controlling how how they thought and felt.  Having worked successfully with a great number of musicians, athletes, students and business executives, it was a natural transition for Ms. Pantaleo's practice to segue full time into the world of peak performance training.  A musician, artist, educator, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Sport Psychology Consultant , Ms. Pantaleo brings passion and expertise in state of the art mental training to Bergen Peak Performance in the areas of EMDR, neurofeedback, FitLight training, mindfulness, meditation and cognitive behavioral counseling.  Our staff consists of clinical social workers, sport consultants, educators, nutritionists, and other highly trained professionals to help you LIVE YOUR PEAK.


Jill Pantaleo, developer, founder and owner of Bergen Peak Performance,  is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of New Jersey and Certified Sports Psychology Consultant.  She is also the owner of Jill A. Pantaleo, LCSW and Associates / Bergen County Therapy (please visit for more information),  a full service therapy practice.  Ms. Pantaleo received her Master's Degree in Social Work from New York University, and holds numerous post-graduate certifications in various training and treatment modalities.  She is a Level II certified EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitaztion and Reprocessing)  practitioner, and has earned training certificates in clinical and sports hypnosis, neurofeedback, cognitive/behavioral therapy, and more.  Additionally, Ms. Pantaleo is a professor at The Ramapo College of New Jersey where she teaches master's level clinical social work classes.  She is also a frequent speaker at conferences and schools throughout New Jersey on various topic pertaining to performance, mental health, and wellness.  In addition to her MSW degree, Ms. Pantaleo holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and an education certification in New Jersey.  She has been a professional musician, artistic, and avid long distance road cyclist, athlete and sports enthusiast and yoga practitioner.  She is highly motivated and passionate about working with individuals who seek to live an optimal, successful, healthy and well balanced life.