Live your peak.

when only your best will do


Our Philosophy

At Bergen Peak Performance, our philosophy is simple:  no matter what your "game," to physically perform your best, you must mentally be your best.

Mental performance training (sometimes referred to as mental conditioning and often a part of sports psychology)  can help to improve reaction and response time, working memory, sustained and divided attention, coordination and cognitive-visual processing and decision making under stress.  It can also increase confidence, motivation, relaxation, concentration, and lessen anxiety, insecurity and negative self-talk.

From first base to first violin... from Broadway to the NBA...from the board room to passing your boards... don't let anxiety, self-doubt, fear or negativity wreak havoc on your dreams and hard work.  Instead, learn how to unlock the power of your psychological and cognitive potential to improve confidence, motivation, focus, relaxation and performance.  Train in our state of the art facility or at your home or facility to enhance concentration, memory, visual and cognitive functions, impulse control and reaction time, hand-eye coordination, precision and overall mental sharpness.  Let us help you overcome fears and blocks so that you can take your "game" to the next level.

As the great Yogi Berra once said, "90 percent of the game is half mental..."

Physical skill and competency are crucial in your world.  But mental preparedness,  psychological self-discipline and mental agility are equally powerful forces in driving and defining  extraordinary performance.  Evidence based research has proven this over and over again.  

Success in your performance demands the ability to harness your mental strengths and identify deficits in thinking and psychological preparation that have the potential to sabotage your goals.  Doing so requires razor sharp mental skills- skills that can be learned and practiced to improve your performance, your confidence and your life.  

At Bergen Peak Performance,  we work hard to help you become extraordinary.

Go ahead.

Live your peak.

- Jill A. Pantaleo, LCSW  

  Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  Certified Sports Psychology  Coach

  Member:  NASW




MASTER Peak Mental Training®  including:

-NEUROPTIMAL® Neurofeedback

-FITLIGHT® Cognitive/Visual Training

-MUSE® Meditation Training

-EMDR for Performance Enhancement

-Sports / Performance Hypnosis

-Sport and Performance 

  Cognitive/Behavioral Training 

-Nutrition and Dietary Counseling

- Sleep Coaching and Support          

   -Yoga for Athleticism and      


-Stress Management

- ADD/ADHD Training

Bergen Peak Performance is proud to offer their unique training protocol  MASTER Peak Mental Training®  (which stands for Motivation Attention Sensory Timing Engagement and Response training)  for optimal multi-dimensional and systemic performance training.  MASTER Peak Mental Training® utilizes a strategic methodology for peak performance training that is only offered at Bergen Peak Performance.   This training protocol blends various training mechanisms in a seamless, unified delivery to provide optimum brain training for enhanced sensory processing, faster reaction times, improved attention and memory,  increased motivation and confidence, greater impulse control and self-regulation, increased accuracy and precision, and greater relaxation.  This multi-dimensional approach allows for comprehensive systemic development for brain, body and mind for optimal performance.  MASTER Peak Mental Training® is provided for athletes, creative and performing artists, students, high-stress professionals of any discipline, and more!


We Train

Athletes of all levels- kids to pros







Business executives

Doctors and medical professionals

Professionals of any discipline

First responders


Public speakers

People with ADHD

Individuals seeking stress management

... Basically, anyone who seeks to be their best and reach their optimal level of performance.

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We are centrally located in Bergen County, New Jersey, about two minutes from Rt. 17 and about 30 minutes from Manhattan by car.   NJ Transit provides both train and bus transportation to Waldwick.

We love to talk about what we do... and would love to hear about what you do!  Feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss your training needs, goals or any questions you may have!  

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Sunday:   By appointment

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